Monthly Archives: May 2011

We will never forget

Heartfelt thanks to all service personnel, past and present, who sacrificed not only their lives, but their time with their families, their physical health and their mental strength.

From the proud daughter of a Navy man, with a brother, nephews, cousins and uncles in all of the other branches. We are free because of you and it is appreciated.



Calming View

Welcome to my first blog ever. I have set it up so that my MacroEconomics classmates can just click on the tab to visit my classroom site. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to, kindly and politely, let me know how I can make it more of a fun experience for you.

I will be blogging various musings, thoughts and possible rants periodically here – join in the discussion! I heartily believe that we learn more together than slaving away on our own. The blog may change as I get more familiar with the various choices I have, but it will hopefully always make you smile and feel better about yourself as a part of this wonderfully interesting world in which we live.

Blessings to all.