It Paid for My Class Today!

I love learning. Did I say that before? Well, it is just so much fun to learn something new and exciting, or new and illuminating. or new and ….. well, most anything as long as it’s NEW!

Today I learned two tricks to use with the Word 2010 program that pretty much paid me for taking the class. This is a class they wouldn’t let me CLEP (take a test instead of the class and just get the credit) and I am so glad they wouldn’t. If you don’t like to write much, it may not be that special to you, but for me, it is gonna save me so much time! And for free, I’m going to share it with you! (Aren’t you glad you visited my site now?)

Ok, here it is:

When in Word 2010, after typing your sentences or paragraphs, if you want to change ANYTHING (here’s the first hint):

1. Click on the word or line you want to change, but, in the case of a whole line or paragraph, TRIPLE click (really fast) and the whole line or paragraph will be highlighted. You can then do whatever format change you want to do (change size, color, italicize it, etc.) all at once, without that annoying ‘click and drag’ thing that I always lose in the middle of the paragraph anyway.


2.  If you’ve written your text all out before formatting (a trick we learned today) but part of it needs to be in all CAPITALS, highlight the word, line or paragraph as per the above, and then go to the ribbon at the top of the page and in the second section (labeled Font), find the double Aa’s and click on the drop down arrow. There are a number of choices from which to choose – all lower case, all CAPS (what really got me excited), capitalize the first letter of each word (think research paper or book report titles here) and a few more.

Now, class that is your freebie for today. Go forth and edit something!!



2 responses to “It Paid for My Class Today!

  1. Great Info, Melinda, and welcome to the world of blogging! Love the page design!

    • Hi Laurie

      Thanks. I have more ideas and am just trying to figure out what I can do with WordPress. I want to be able to have the posts go under their specific pages, but haven’t been able to figure that out yet. I’m not sure this theme will let me do that, but I like it so much that I may just deal with it. We need to get together soon.


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