And I did this why?

I remember being in high school and feeling so sorry for those kids who had to go to summer school. What a bummer! They had to miss out on the beach, lazing around, reading books to one’s heart’s desire, and that wonderful feeling of nothing-to-do…heaven!


So, why in the world did I sign up for summer classes this semester? I really need to work on our house, helping my honey to get it ready to sell, enjoy my children through perhaps our last summer all together, and do a little bit of traveling. For some reason, I decided that taking 3 classes during the summer was a good idea. But those books and that beach – mmm, not going to happen right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my classes this semester – Speech with Dr. Suess (yep, that’s how she spells it, but she pronounces it “Seez”, and she actually has her doctorate, too); Computer Applications with Dr. Beck is opening up Microsoft Office in a way that is totally exciting because of all of the possible applications; and although the topic of Macroeconomics isn’t all that wonderful, learning more about the countries each of the students have to research has been fun and enriching.

However, it’s mid-term time. So, what am I doing? Writing this! And doing anything else rather than studying. Now is the time that all students wonder what in the world they had been drinking that made them volunteer to put themselves into this situation. Argh. Procrastination is my bane (and a topic for its own separate post); one I was raised up with and have perfected into a fine art. Well, this is the year that I will break that yoke, set myself free, and in general, lower my blood pressure and cease taking it out on my family. Have I told you I’m also an optimist?

Now back to the books and my Macro review. I’ll let you know how it goes afterward. Oh, and you can hold me to my new goal…I will NOT wait until the last minute any more (although technically, I have more than 12 hours before the test – plenty of time!)


3 responses to “And I did this why?

  1. I LOVE this blog, Melinda! You crack me up. You have 12 whole hours left. Lots of free time. (giggle)

  2. Oh come on now, you have to just LOVE the summer semester where they cram 16 weeks of info into 10 or 6 if you take the express. Praying for your journey!! It took me 9 years, but I graduated with my Bachelors last year. You can so do this!!!

  3. You tell it! I just found out that my computer class (the one I’m learning the most from) is over in 3 more weeks! I am totally astounded that the school is going more and more to 8 week classes with, just like you said, 16 weeks’ worth of stuff to learn. And we’re talking HARD classes – math, accounting and managerial studies.

    I’m going to have an AA to join my AS by the time I’m finished with SPC and then it’s on to a Bachelors at USF. I’d finish at SPC but all of their managerial classes are 8 weeks long; not enough time to really learn anything – and as we learned during homeschooling, we do not want to teach to some test!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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