What? You can’t abstain 75 minutes?

I know when I was younger and a student, I didn’t always take my classes seriously. But that was when I was in high school and if we were caught not paying attention, it was a lecture and a talk with our parents. Respect for the teacher was stressed at all times, and, perhaps because my own momma was a teacher, lack of said respect was grounds for all manner of unpleasantries.

So why am I seeing so many college classmates using their computers – but not for taking notes! Today in class, a young man in front of me was watching movies and checking his Facebook account … while the teacher was lecturing! In my ethics class last semester, the girl next to me never, ever wrote a note, but I’m sure the Prof thought she was being very studious as she forthrightly pranced into class and set up her laptop – even though all she did was send and receive emails throughout his lectures.

I guess it’s because someone else is paying for their classes; or they’re young; or the sun is shining and they’re (heavens!) b-o-r-e-d. Whatever, I’m really trying not to get into my ‘mom-mode’ and start with the lectures. One, because they wouldn’t pay any attention anyway, and two, I’m really not their mom.

Such a fine line we moms have to walk! I must admit, however, to lecturing my own children on their class etiquette; hopefully, they’ll listen.



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