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And I did this why?

I remember being in high school and feeling so sorry for those kids who had to go to summer school. What a bummer! They had to miss out on the beach, lazing around, reading books to one’s heart’s desire, and that wonderful feeling of nothing-to-do…heaven!


So, why in the world did I sign up for summer classes this semester? I really need to work on our house, helping my honey to get it ready to sell, enjoy my children through perhaps our last summer all together, and do a little bit of traveling. For some reason, I decided that taking 3 classes during the summer was a good idea. But those books and that beach – mmm, not going to happen right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my classes this semester – Speech with Dr. Suess (yep, that’s how she spells it, but she pronounces it “Seez”, and she actually has her doctorate, too); Computer Applications with Dr. Beck is opening up Microsoft Office in a way that is totally exciting because of all of the possible applications; and although the topic of Macroeconomics isn’t all that wonderful, learning more about the countries each of the students have to research has been fun and enriching.

However, it’s mid-term time. So, what am I doing? Writing this! And doing anything else rather than studying. Now is the time that all students wonder what in the world they had been drinking that made them volunteer to put themselves into this situation. Argh. Procrastination is my bane (and a topic for its own separate post); one I was raised up with and have perfected into a fine art. Well, this is the year that I will break that yoke, set myself free, and in general, lower my blood pressure and cease taking it out on my family. Have I told you I’m also an optimist?

Now back to the books and my Macro review. I’ll let you know how it goes afterward. Oh, and you can hold me to my new goal…I will NOT wait until the last minute any more (although technically, I have more than 12 hours before the test – plenty of time!)


There is Always a Cost

I love shoes. Lots of shoes. In fact, I’d rather buy shoes than most anything else. Probably because I don’t have to worry about what my hips look like in them.

Anyway, I was thinking about what I’m learning in school and realized that my Macroeconomics class does, indeed, have an application in my life. Now, most of you probably already know that when you spend money on one thing you don’t have money for another item. I did, too, I just didn’t know that it had a name. Did you?  It’s called “Opportunity Cost” and it means the price one pays for choosing one something over another. Of course, it doesn’t have to be regarding shoes, it really applies to any area of our lives, but I’m talking shoes here, so I’m sticking with my analogy.

The above shoes are wonderful, in my opinion. Of course, I have to temper that opinion with the knowledge that I have absolutely no where to go wearing them (my circles don’t run to that style….hmm, speaking of running, you wouldn’t get any of that done in these either, would you?) I also have a gene-level aversion to purchasing anything for $600 a foot that’s going to walk through mud and water and possibly gum (yep, they’re $1200). And if I did find them on my size 9.5 ‘ers, I’d probably trip over my feet while watching the pretty bows, slice a major blood vessel and bleed to death because of the spiky heel. Other than those reasons, they’d be a good fit.

Because, however, I’m much more pragmatic than that, I’d go with these little slippers. Aren’t they cute? They would also keep me closer to the floor which is a very good thing (I like to think of myself as being grounded even while following my sparkle brain tendencies).  This little number is only $20 per foot through (they don’t know me, just thought I’d let you know of a site with good deals and where I got these pictures).

I can say that my “Opportunity Cost” for these little blue shoes was $1160 and feel like I really got a deal, especially since it didn’t come out of my pocket and I wouldn’t have been able to drive my car in the other pair.

I hope you feel like you’ve been enlightened. Or at least, that you can now say that you’ve seen a pair of shoes selling for what you could have bought a refrigerator for with the “Opportunity Cost”.


It Paid for My Class Today!

I love learning. Did I say that before? Well, it is just so much fun to learn something new and exciting, or new and illuminating. or new and ….. well, most anything as long as it’s NEW!

Today I learned two tricks to use with the Word 2010 program that pretty much paid me for taking the class. This is a class they wouldn’t let me CLEP (take a test instead of the class and just get the credit) and I am so glad they wouldn’t. If you don’t like to write much, it may not be that special to you, but for me, it is gonna save me so much time! And for free, I’m going to share it with you! (Aren’t you glad you visited my site now?)

Ok, here it is:

When in Word 2010, after typing your sentences or paragraphs, if you want to change ANYTHING (here’s the first hint):

1. Click on the word or line you want to change, but, in the case of a whole line or paragraph, TRIPLE click (really fast) and the whole line or paragraph will be highlighted. You can then do whatever format change you want to do (change size, color, italicize it, etc.) all at once, without that annoying ‘click and drag’ thing that I always lose in the middle of the paragraph anyway.


2.  If you’ve written your text all out before formatting (a trick we learned today) but part of it needs to be in all CAPITALS, highlight the word, line or paragraph as per the above, and then go to the ribbon at the top of the page and in the second section (labeled Font), find the double Aa’s and click on the drop down arrow. There are a number of choices from which to choose – all lower case, all CAPS (what really got me excited), capitalize the first letter of each word (think research paper or book report titles here) and a few more.

Now, class that is your freebie for today. Go forth and edit something!!


We will never forget

Heartfelt thanks to all service personnel, past and present, who sacrificed not only their lives, but their time with their families, their physical health and their mental strength.

From the proud daughter of a Navy man, with a brother, nephews, cousins and uncles in all of the other branches. We are free because of you and it is appreciated.


Calming View

Welcome to my first blog ever. I have set it up so that my MacroEconomics classmates can just click on the tab to visit my classroom site. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to, kindly and politely, let me know how I can make it more of a fun experience for you.

I will be blogging various musings, thoughts and possible rants periodically here – join in the discussion! I heartily believe that we learn more together than slaving away on our own. The blog may change as I get more familiar with the various choices I have, but it will hopefully always make you smile and feel better about yourself as a part of this wonderfully interesting world in which we live.

Blessings to all.