MacroEconomics – Germany

I am excited about being able to write about Germany as there is a tie-in to our family name. In the 14th century, there was a privateer who later turned pirate named Klaus Stortebecker who operated somewhat as a Robin Hood type figure. According to the legend, when he was captured, he made a deal with the executioner that every one of his men he walked by after being beheaded would be freed. The story is that he made it by 12 of his men; unfortunately, the mayor of Hamburg reneged on the agreement and all of his men were killed. Whatever the case, it is an interesting story and his legend lives on in a restaurant there in the city.

Germany is an ancient land that one may read about if Latin is studied – the Gaelic Wars is high on the reading list for Cesar’s native tongue. It is in central Europe and is bordered by France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. It’s main rivers are the Danube, Rhine, Weser, and Elbe rivers which help delineate the countries from one another. The land mass is roughly the size of Montana.

Under the Franks during the reign of Charlemagne it became part of the Holy Roman Empire and has been a key world player since its founding. Americans familiar with Disneyland and Disney World are already knowledgeable about one of its major tourist attractions – Mad King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein Castle which was the prototype for Cinderella’s Castle.

Come along as we discover this ancient and exciting country.

Picture of Klaus:

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3 responses to “MacroEconomics – Germany

  1. This was great information. I love the way you started the post by giving history. I want to learn to speak German and visit in one of the summer months. (I dread the cold) I never knew of the religion and its importance in Germany. Do you know how many people currently occupy Germany?

  2. Justine Bogott

    Germany is very interesting to visit! I like how you have incorporated pictures into your blog! Looks great. Germanys flag is very pretty!

    • Hi Justine

      Thank you for your comments. I wanted more than just text and I’m finding it a lot of fun to blog for the first time.

      You can read more about Germany if you hover the pointer over the tab labeled MicroEconomics. I added the class stuff as a page so no one would have to meander through the rest of my musings on school and stuff.

      Have a Happy 4th!

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