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One down, two to go.

Wah Hoo!! I am finished one of my classes for the summer session, Introduction to Computers. I’m glad it’s finished on one hand, but sad on the other because my professor has so much more to impart.That is the main trouble with 8 week sessions – there’s just not enough time to really learn.

In addition to that is the fact that there were people in the class who didn’t know how to turn on the computer nor how to load a disk and who didn’t even know what a mouse was.  Seriously, there needs to be a sublevel Intro class, don’t you think?

As a homeschool mom, I was inundated with statistics on how repetition was the key to true learning. After all, how much can one really learn if a project or report is only completed one time? Trust me, not a lot. That’s why the book for the class isn’t going back to the college bookstore but will live on my shelf of useful tomes…as opposed to all of the un-useful books I’ve collected over the last few many, many years.

I have learned a lot in this class, and ended up with an “A” (go, me!), but I think I shall try to see where I can add some more computer classes because they are just so much fun.


What? You can’t abstain 75 minutes?

I know when I was younger and a student, I didn’t always take my classes seriously. But that was when I was in high school and if we were caught not paying attention, it was a lecture and a talk with our parents. Respect for the teacher was stressed at all times, and, perhaps because my own momma was a teacher, lack of said respect was grounds for all manner of unpleasantries.

So why am I seeing so many college classmates using their computers – but not for taking notes! Today in class, a young man in front of me was watching movies and checking his Facebook account … while the teacher was lecturing! In my ethics class last semester, the girl next to me never, ever wrote a note, but I’m sure the Prof thought she was being very studious as she forthrightly pranced into class and set up her laptop – even though all she did was send and receive emails throughout his lectures.

I guess it’s because someone else is paying for their classes; or they’re young; or the sun is shining and they’re (heavens!) b-o-r-e-d. Whatever, I’m really trying not to get into my ‘mom-mode’ and start with the lectures. One, because they wouldn’t pay any attention anyway, and two, I’m really not their mom.

Such a fine line we moms have to walk! I must admit, however, to lecturing my own children on their class etiquette; hopefully, they’ll listen.